Tahoe Rim Trail Youth Backpacking Trip

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El Parkis has been awarded an entirely grant funded backpacking trip by the Tahoe Rim Trail Association July 23-27.

12 to 13 of our youth ages 12-17 will participate in an exciting and challenging four-day adventure to discover the beauty of Lake Tahoe with trail experts. Participants will learn backcountry skills while backpacking between three and six miles per day. Youth will discover and explore the exciting flora, fauna and natural history of the Tahoe Basin and sleep under the stars after cooking their own dinner over a backpacking stove. Each day is jam-packed with new experiences, character-building challenges, and outdoor fun. There is no cost to participate. 

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Please note: completing this interest form does not guarantee a spot on the backpacking trip. El Parkis has been granted space for up to 13 youth. If more than 13 youth have shown interest as of April 24th, participants will be selected via lottery and a waiting list will be operated.
Statement of Understanding

The Tahoe Rim Trail Youth Backpacking Trip involves hiking three to six miles per day, sleeping under the stars, and going four days without cell phone service. If you understand and agree to these conditions, please type/sign your name below.


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